best revenge

Presented as part of the National Queer Arts Festival in 2012 and curated by Caitlin Rose Sweet and Lex Non Scripta, Best Revenge explored radical queer existence/resistance with a multi-venue spectacular of installation, film, performance, and workshops at alternative art spaces, street corners, fire escapes, and secret hideaways. Over thirty artists from the San Francisco Bay Area, the east and west coast and everywhere in between, Mexico, London, Canada, and Istanbul converged in/on four distinct venues to present their work on radical queer resistance and self determination.

Best Revenge featured these artists/storytellers/magic makers (and more):

∇ Malic Amalya ∇ Micah Bazant ∇ Sarah Biscarra-Dilley ∇ Craig Calderwood ∇ Rocket Caleshu ∇ carmen ∇ Finley Coyl ∇ Leah DeVun ∇ Ariel Durrant ∇ Larisa Escobedo ∇ Fat Transfer ∇ Jaye Lee Fishel ∇ Johnny Forever ∇ Claire Forsyth ∇ Jason Fritz ∇ Elitrea Frye ∇ Naomi Rincon Gallardo ∇ Max Garnet ∇ Joolie Geldner ∇ Ariel Goldberg ∇ Nicki Green ∇ Rik Haber ∇ Nina Höchtl ∇ LOVEWARZ! ∇ Marilyn McNeal ∇ Gabby Miller ∇ Lex Non Scripta ∇ Adee Roberson ∇ Coral Short ∇ Julz Simpson ∇ Caitlin Sweet ∇ Safak Sule ∇ Dorothy Wang ∇ Max Yuristy ∇